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Issue Three Cover Final

The Stone – A Digital Literary Magazine – is a unique new venture from The Schleicher Spin that was launched in December of 2011.

The Stone was founded to bridge the gap between classic storytelling and new technology. Our goal is to provide great stories to the masses in a modern user-friendly format, through the Kindle app, at an affordable price. We seek contributors from across the globe, both established writers and independents.

So go ahead and roll back The Stone to uncover great stories in the digital age.

Founder and Editor – D. H. Schleicher

Are you a writer looking to submit your work?  We are always open for submissions and will gladly read your stories!

Please follow these guidelines:

Entries that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 

  • We are looking for original, previously unpublished works written in English.
  • We currently do not have a word limit, however, we typically publish stories of 5,000 words or less.  If your story is longer than that, just make sure to knock us dead.  Flash fiction is also welcome. 
  • We are open to stories of varying themes and styles, however we will not consider children’s stories or erotica.  Stories that could be classified as genre pieces (i.e. cozy mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi) are not what we typically look for, however, literary stories with creative use of genre elements (we love a bit of mystery or a good twist as much as the next guy) are welcome and encouraged.
  • All submissions must be sent via email.
  • Email your entry to with “Submission: Story Title and Author Name” in the subject line.
  • Include your entire story in the body of the email along with a brief author bio as you would like it to appear if your story were to be selected for publication.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY ATTACHMENTS! 

We will do our best to respond to your entries in a timely manner, within six weeks if possible.  Please do not send a follow-up inquiry unless six weeks have passed. 

We do accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you notify us as soon as possible if your entry has been selected for publication in another magazine.  We promise to have a drink in honor of your success and hope that you consider us in the future for other works!

If selected for publication, we ask for first publication rights.  At this time we are not able to offer payment, but we do offer the satisfaction in being published and having your story available to readers across the globe.  After publication in The Stone, you are free to republish your story in additional anthologies.  We simply ask that you reference that the story was first published in The Stone.

Rights for all individual published works revert to the author upon publication. The Stone Magazine reserves the right to archive and republish works previously featured.

***Notice to Artists and Photographers: We are also always seeking original artwork/photography for our covers.  If you are interested in offering your services, please use the same email address above for story submissions.


Remember – You don’t need a Kindle to read The Stone.  All you need is the free Kindle App!  Don’t have the Kindle App yet?  Click here to download it for free to your PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or smart-phone.

Have the Kindle App already?  Then click here to download The Stone – Issue Three now for only $1.99 (USD).

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9 comments on “The Stone

  1. Hi David. I loved the premier issue. Honestly, I don’t have any negative feedback — everything was just perfect — only praise. I loved all 4 stories and the common string that connects them.

    Willemijn, Ruysdaelkade 135 absorbed me in to the story and I could feel the loneliness and tears of the characters.

    Having grown up on the East Cost of India, I could completely relate to the changing face of the coast/beach in Shore to Please. In a way, I revisited my childhood.

    You Are What You Dream was stylish noir that caught me unawares. I read it twice to relish it more. Brilliant work by Jack.

    And The Ringing got me laughing at the irony of it all. I share the protagonist’s hatred for mobile phones albeit at a subtle level.

    The layout is neat, the length of the stories is just about right — neither too long nor too short. Please maintain this. The language is literary and so was the theme. I hope you don’t go in for really short flash fiction (less than 500 words), it might ruin the literary flavour.

    Overall, great selection, great job.

    One question: What does the title “The Stone” symbolize here? Words immortalized when they are etched in stone? Or just a metaphor for life rolling-by like a ‘stone’?

    I’m sending across one of mine. Daresay, after reading this premier issue I’m skeptical of my work’s literary value, but I’ll give it a shot and keep my fingers crossed.

    Prakash – thank you! If I might be so bold – I imagined The Stone having a quasi-biblical connotation – as in “rolling away the stone” to Jesus’ grave to reveal the resurrection…and here readers would be “rolling away the stone” that was the printed page and revealing the resurrection of the short story in digital form. Or to put it more simply and humbly – rolling away a stone to uncover stories inside. I look forward to reading your work and I’m sure the other contributors will appreciate your kind words. –DHS

  2. […] wrote about our uber-sexy date here, see section “First Grade”), is launching a literary magazine called The Stone, and he asked me to contribute to the first […]

  3. John says:

    The comments of Prakash Jashnani were a treat to read. Writers don’t need much to continue, but every once in a while…these words will last me for years. Jack Lehman

    • The feeling is mutual. I would love to read more of your work Jack. I can see you have so much to say about the human psyche in a literary manner that’s both stylish and has depth at the same time — which is quite rare I must confess.

      I dropped by your site and expect me to be there more often.

  4. […] the AuthorThe StoneThe Thief MakerShort FictionMy Reading ListMy Favorite FilmsBoardwalk Empire: […]

  5. […] the AuthorThe StoneThe Thief MakerShort FictionMy Reading ListMy Favorite FilmsBoardwalk Empire: […]

  6. […] The Stone: publishes fiction.  Check out the description and guidelines here. […]

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