The Thief Maker Captivates

“Thought-provoking, entertaining, and sometimes shocking.”-Joe Graham for ReaderViews

Twisted lives, January 22, 2007

Reviewer: Reader Views “” (Austin, Texas)   

Reviewed by Joe Graham for Reader Views (1/07)

The first clue to whether I will enjoy a book is how quickly I am hooked into the story. And from the first, I was hooked as William Donovan and his young brother and sister’s lives are turned upside down and I immediately wanted to know why?

From the initial pages, Schleicher then moves you into the life of the now adult William Donovan who has developed into a con man. Schleicher follows Donovan as he interacts with a girlfriend, Alice and a security guard, Lucas Tolliver who have been as emotionally scarred by life as William. Also entering William’s life are a private investigator, Marcus Pierce, and Felice Morrison, who is the granddaughter of a nursing home resident that William is trying to con.

As the story continues, the characters interact and we begin to discover that they have connections to each other that they, and the reader, are not aware of at the beginning of the book. At times some of these connections are so startling that the reader may have to stop and take a big breath to process the new information before continuing the story.

To add to the mix of intriguing characters, Schleicher gives the reader Rodamas and Catherine Fowler who work with deaf children and who have tried to adopt Marie Gale’s son, Rex. Marie is Felice’s girlfriend. Marie takes her son back and the little boy is part of the story of want and need that swirls around William, Alice, Marcus and Felice.

“The Thief Maker” is for anyone who loves a good mystery with a psychological edge to it as Schleicher examines the events that have formed each of the characters and has turned them into the people they are in the book. I would recommend the book to anyone who loves a mystery that is not just simply a police detective thriller, but a post 9/11 psychological study. My only suggestion is that reader pay close attention to the Chapter Titles. The story is told in a non-linear style and many times I would start another chapter and not realize that Schleicher had jumped back or forward in time in the narrative and I would have to turn back to the beginning of the chapter to check where I was.

Schleicher has done a good job of creating a mystery that is mysterious, thought-provoking, entertaining and sometimes shocking. All in all, that is just what most mystery lovers want. By the way, you finally do learn what turned William’s young life upside down, but there are many twists and turns in “The Thief Maker” before you find out that answer.


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