Quality Book Reviews Explores “The Thief Maker”

Mystery with Psychological aspects, March 3, 2007

Reviewer: Terry South “Quality Book Reviews” (Maryville, TN USA)

William Donovan is a con man who steals from nursing home residents, and his girlfriend Alice, and the security guard Lucas Tolliver are his accomplices. They prey on the Alzheimer’s ward, knowing these patients cannot be witness to their crimes. Felice Morrison, the granddaughter to one of the nursing home’s residents and Marcus Pierce a private investigator are determined to put a stop to Donovan and his accomplices. The setting takes place on the streets of New York and Philadelphia.

As the story continues, the characters interact and then you become aware that Donovan and his accomplices have ties that you did not know about in the beginning. A great read for those who enjoy mysteries. This is not only a thriller and a mystery, but it also plays on the psychological aspects, including memory loss. The characterizations are engaging, and believable.

This was a wonderful book full of twists and turns and lots of surprises.




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