An Ode to Amy Adams

Amy Adams, you first came to my attention as the very talkative, very pregnant North Carolinian in 2005’s Junebug.  It was the type of scene stealing performance in a small indie film that critics gush over, and it rightfully earned you an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress.  While the film was forgettable, you were completely charming and reminded me of so many of those sweet-natured Southern belles I knew while living in North Carolina.  You next caught my eye in Talladega Nights, and your hilariously sincere “You are Ricky Bobby!” pep talk to Will Ferrell was honored in my inaugural Davies Awards in Film for Best Dramatic Reading of Comedic Line.  By this time, Amy, I was smitten.  You might even say that with your red hair, blue eyes, mischievous smile, and natural good looks, I was enchanted.

Now, with your lead role in Disney’s Enchanted you’re receiving the most enthusiastic rally for the old “A Star is Born!” title since Julia Roberts waltzed into our collective hearts in Pretty Woman.  While the film I have not seen is the type of bubble-gum flavored tripe I typically avoid, I couldn’t be happier for you.  Stardom couldn’t happen to a sweeter, more talented gal.   Continue reading