Race for Understanding

Sometimes it’s good to look outside of the little bubble of film, literature (and occasionally politics) here at The ‘Spin and find a good cause to champion.  Autism has become one of those things where everyone knows someone affected by it yet there is still a huge “unknown” factor and so much research that needs to be done.

If you live in the greater Philadelphia region, there’s a 5k Run for Autism Awareness being held at the beautiful Tyler State Park near Newtown, PA in scenic Bucks County on Saturday April, 17th 2010. 

Get all the details about how to register and get involved here at the site for The Race for Understanding. 

All proceeds will go to help Autism Speaks in their tireless efforts to solve the puzzle that is Autism.

If you don’t live in the area and would like to learn about events in your neck of the woods, go to the official Autism Speaks website where you can learn how to participate or simply make a donation.