Boardwalk Empire: Gimcrack and Bunkum

You can't keep a good half-face (or a member of the Huston acting dynasty) down.

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Boardwalk Empire – Gimcrack and Bunkum

Season Two: Episode Five

Directed by:  Tim Van Patten

Written by:  Howard Korder

The Spin:  Although the Philly plotline was passed over entirely in this episode, Korder never the less made this an hour about brotherly love.  With the AC bigwigs demanding a return on their investment and getting antsy about The Commodore’s new lack of engagement, Jimmy (Pitt) and Eli (Shea Whigham) find themselves up shit’s creek…but would one of them find a paddle?  Look at the idiot Eli go running back to brother Nucky only to get rightfully slapped in the face and spat upon (though if it weren’t for Margaret’s shotgun antics, ol’ Nuck might’ve found himself choked to death).  And whoops, funny how a wrench can then slip out of a drunken Eli’s hand and bash fat George’s face in.  Meanwhile, sad-sack Harrow (Jack Huston) traipses deep into the woods to blow his depressed brains out only to have a bit of felicity (in the form of a dog and two amiable hunters) thwart his plans.  Back to Jimmy’s house he goes, where he gets a pledge from his “brother” that he would fight for him to the last bullet.  Ahhh…nothing like scalping a fat old bastard to bring two war buddies closer together.  Seems Jimmy found his paddle…and its name is Richard Harrow…and together they’re going to take care of that debt by “taking care of” everyone they owe. Continue reading