Word Up/Word Down v2.0

The new development team.

The new development team.

If I extolled upon you, dear readers, everything I see, say, think or do, you’d probably put a collective hit out on my life (funded through Kickstarter no doubt) to end your misery of being subjected to such insanity.  And let’s be honest, I could tweet about some of it, but sometimes 140 characters is too much!  So our crack team of developers (not to be confused with the former development team on crack) have devised a new recurring feature to capture those things that have fallen through the cracks at The Spin and render them down from tweetable status to pure unadulterated one-word twittery.

Think of them as flash reviews.  Quick Quips.  Free association.  Word Up/Word Down.

So, here we go:

Word Up/Word Down v2.0

  • Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black – Wear
  • HBO Films’ Clear History – Hilarevengious
  • Elysium – Lazy
  • Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence in the trailers for American Hustle – Holy or Hotchee
  • Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz in the trailer for The Counselor – Moly! or Motchee!
  • Charlie Manuel – Out
  • Ryne Sandberg – In
  • The Philadelphia Phillies’ season – Over
  • The Lobster House in Cape May, NJ – Tradition
  • A Bojangles above the Mason-Dixon Line in Reading, PA – Y’all!
  • Tanger Outlets in Lancaster, PA – Deals!
  • Amish Country – Traffic?

Share your own one word reviews of stuff you’ve recently seen or read or done or ate (or if you’re Southern, done seen or done read or done did or done ate) in the comments field.