About the Author

Who is D. H. Schleicher?

I am an independent author, blogger and film enthusiast from the South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia, where I live with my wife (also a blogger among other greater things) and son, and plot travel as much as I plot stories when not immersed in my other career in the corporate world.

My new collection of literary and speculative fiction, WHEN WE COME BACK, was released in January of 2023. My preceding collection, AND THEN WE VANISH, explores characters longing to disappear or left behind by those who already have. My historical thriller, THEN CAME DARKNESS, plumbs the depths of greed, revenge, and family dysfunction during the Great Depression.

Additionally my writing has appeared in A Million and One Magazine, Underground Voices, Scratch, Eunoia Review, LitNoir, and Wonders in the Dark.

My influences are many from the world of literature, film and beyond which you can learn about by clicking through the pages of this blog.



All material on this blog is copyright D. H. Schleicher unless otherwise noted.

Please leave a comment if you wish to seek permission to use one of my original photos or repost one of my reviews; I am usually open to this as long as professional courtesy is used and proper credit given.  If a request is made I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. 

Please link any direct quotes back to the specific blog post here at The Spin where the text originated. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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