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Who is D. H. Schleicher?

I am an independent author, blogger and film enthusiast from the South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia, where I live with my wife (also a blogger among other greater things) and son, and plot travel as much as I plot stories when not immersed in my other career in the corporate world.

My latest release is the short story collection And Then We Vanish, and I am the author of the independent novel, Then Came Darkness. Additionally my writing has appeared in A Million and One Magazine, Underground Voices, Scratch, Eunoia Review, LitNoir, and Wonders in the Dark.

My influences are many from the world of literature, film and beyond which you can learn about by clicking through the pages of this blog.



All material on this blog is copyright D. H. Schleicher unless otherwise noted.

Please leave a comment if you wish to seek permission to use one of my original photos or repost one of my reviews; I am usually open to this as long as professional courtesy is used and proper credit given.  If a request is made I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. 

Please link any direct quotes back to the specific blog post here at The Spin where the text originated. 

Thank you for your consideration.


  1. A published author!?? How exciting! I will have to check out your book. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s full of ‘this and that’…hopefully it didn’t bore you too much! =]

  2. I did think the comment you left on my blog was crazy, until I saw that you are a writer. Can’t have typos in comments when you’re a writer, right? 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I’ll certainly stop by your blog again…I’m a bit of a writer myself and it’ll be cool to see your perspective on things.

  3. Greetings

    Nice to see you are still writing and the blogging is a great way to keep your wits keen.

    Still doing the eZine, and would love to have you drop by sometimes.

    Your friend,
    Mary [ LEGS ]

    Mary, I’m so glad you found me out here on the web after all this time. It’s great that you’re still keeping up the eZine. –DHS

  4. I really enjoyed looking through your imdb film reviews recently.
    You might be interested in some of my reviews:

    I think we have a similar taste in movies, as I also like what you call “quality films”
    I can e-mail a list of my favourite quality movies, if you are interested? There are probably some titles on my list of favs, which you might not have seen.

    Thanks, Christopher, I will be sure to check out your reviews. –DHS

  5. Thanks for linking to us on your site. We’ve just moved over to a different URL, and would appreciate if you would update any links to us you have accordingly. We plan on keeping our link to your site.

    Find us now at just http://cfilmc.com/


    Paul, Jason, & Rob

    Gentlemen, consider it done. Keep up the great work over there! –DHS

  6. I love this layout, David. It’s clear, crisp, easy to read. Thanks for including a link to my blog.

    Thanks, Cinda, it took a long time to find the right look for the blog — the readability factor was key, so I’m glad you like it.. –DHS

  7. I have really enjoyed your site. Maybe you would be interested in writing something up on our film in Sundance, and our unique distribution strategy?

    We just launched the official trailer for One Too Many Mornings: a feature comedy that’s premiering at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. See the trailer @ http://www.onetoomanymornings.com/

    It’s a busy time for us, but we’re really happy to talk to anyone and everyone about any questions they have about our film and our hybrid release. Right this second, you can pre-order the limited edition DVD, an HD download, the poster — we are even offering a deluxe package with literally a piece from our set. We’ll be sending it to you straight from the Park City post office the morning after the world premiere on Jan 22nd.

    Just email anthony@onetoomanymornings.com we’re friendly. In the meantime, we’re still blogging about our crazy journey. http://www.onetoomanymornings.com/blog/

    And the trailer is easily embeddable for your blog, too. We really want you to see our movie – we’re thrilled that now you can.

    Sincerely, Mike, Stephen, Anthony, and the rest of Team OTMM

    Anthony, I applaud your unique distribution plan for your film. As an independent author I certainly support independent film-making. I’ll try to check out your film, and in the meantime I will be happy to keep this comment with the links to your site/blog/film up. Good luck! –DHS

  8. That is, without a doubt, the worse “Worst Movie” list I have ever seen. Granted, there are some surefire sucks on there but you are still way off on a lot of those films. Not counting films destined to be terrible (those with shoe-string budgets I mean) there are so many others that should have made it instead. I Am Legend, The Hurt Locker, Slumdog Millionaire, Spider Man 3, The Masters of the Universe, Batman and Robin, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, The Bone Collector, Taking Lives, The Musketeer, The Punisher (2004), Broken Arrow, Menace II Society, New Jersey Drive, Step Brothers, Napoleon Dynamite, Public Enemies, The New World, The English Patient, 10,000 B.C., Team America: World Police, Rent, Halloeen III: Season of the Witch, Land of the Dead, Bloodrayne, The Happening, and I could probably go on and on. I mean, Interview With the Vampire? 8MM? Come on. That list is way off.

    Hi, Jacob. I’m guessing you are referring to this list:
    …and I do admit it is rather narrow (and outdated). I have sadly seen many worse films since and blogged about them ad nauseum…I Am Legend…The Happening…Slumdog Millionaire…2012…yes, we could probably both go on and on. –DHS

  9. Hey David,

    Great site. Really enjoyed your review of Winters Bone. Looks like a must see flick.

    We just launched a new movie ranking site, Rankography and we have already had many movie bloggers sign up. You can create a profile and quality link to your site.

    Then you can create categories, rank movies in those and other categories and discover other great movies by browsing others rankings.

    Hope you check it out. Sorry to send this through the comments but I could not find a contact form.

    Thanks for stopping by. Sounds interesting…I will have to check it out. –DHS

  10. Hello,
    I think you knew my mom, you worked together in Charlotte, NC around 2002. She was an aspiring writer, and she asked you to type her stories.
    I love Amy Adams, too, I think that she was great in “The Fighter”.

    Wow! Yes, I remember your mom! Hope all is well. And, yes, Amy Adams was amazing in The Fighter. –DHS

  11. David, I follow your reviews regularly but was really taken with “The Third Man Revisited.” I have several blogs myself including http://www.LitNoir.com and SpankyAnd JohnGoToTheMovies.com (Spanky is my dog). I have this idea for cheap (pulp fiction like) books on kindle and want to kick off with one featureing my short story based on “The Third Man.” I wonder if I could get permission from you to use your review too and perhaps your list of favorites from the 40’s. You and your blog would be given full credit and it might actually generate some traffic (I am on Facebook under RosebudBookReviews). Let me know if that is possible (I assume the movie pictures are in the public domain). John (Jack) Lehman–also a struggling writer, but in Wisconsin.

    John – thanks for being a faithful reader! I’ve frequented your blogs as well over the years. Your idea sounds most intriguing. Please check your email for a follow-up. I look forward to our potential collaboration. –DHS

  12. Looks impressive. Thanks for mentioning Lit Noir, it was an honor to have you and I hope you will consider being in a forthcoming issue. John

  13. Wow! Rarely stumble across a blog as interesting, crisp, intelligent and comprehensive as yours. I enjoy reading your reviews — we watch many of the same shows. Looking forward to reading more and checking out a few of your reading recommendations.

    Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  14. David, great site full of insightful, well written reviews. Perhaps you will be interested in my “dummy noir” movie project on Kickstarter…

    The project launched yesterday and the “shoot or die” deadline for funding it is June 30, 2013.

    Many thanks! Jonathan

  15. Just watched Paris, Texas again. I am a Ry Cooder fan and had the soundtrack long before I watched the Film. I just read your review which is achingly accurate. I also had a Jane but she left me and the children. Mercifully we remain friends. I don’t even know if you are still writing or even if you are alive. My comments are years later but my feelings are the same as when I first watched the movie. Now going to listen to Cooder’s Drive Like You’ve Never Been Hurt.

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