When We Come Back

See what people are saying about the new collection of literary and speculative fiction from D. H. Schleicher that explores recent history and visions of the future:

“I’d highly recommend this short book to anyone who is a fan of O. Henry stories or the modern American style.” – author Ivy Ngeow

“When We Come Back is a powerful collection of stories— some bittersweet and others meditative. In these stories, D.H. Schleicher demonstrates his mastery of mood and atmosphere.” – author Anya Pavelle

“Provocative, often fantastical, and graced with a dark snap of humor.” – author H. C. Helfand

“A great short story collection for anyone that likes thinking really hard about the passage of time.” – blogger and book-tuber Margaret Adelle

“Features stories with gripping writing and interesting characters, all of whom are dealing with losing something in their lives and either trying to get it back or compensate for the loss.” – author Christopher Tait

“An intriguing, potent mix without a bad one in the group.” – author and photographer John Greco

“In The Year 2000, Commuter’s Sentence, and my personal favorite, When the Door Opens will completely enthrall your imagination. The author has full command and a gift for language, which makes the writing seem effortless.” – author John St. Clair

“I mean, have y’all read the story about the traffic jam????” – author Lannie Stabile

Discover 8 Ways to Come Home in the Following Tales (+ a bonus story!)

  • Lost Cat, Very Skittish
  • Molly on the Ferry
  • Coldspace – originally published in Eunoia Review
  • Puddle Jumpers
  • In the Year 2000
  • Mischief, Muskrats & Mudslides
  • Commuter’s Sentence – the one about the traffic jam!
  • When the Door Opens
  • Bonus Story from And Then We Vanish – When Night Falls on Niagara

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