Boardwalk Empire: Complete Episode Guide

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Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Check out behind the scenes at’s official Boardwalk Empire site.

Look-up the complete cast & crew courtesy of the IMDB.

– D. H. Schleicher

58 comments on “Boardwalk Empire: Complete Episode Guide

  1. John Greco says:


    I will be checking in every week. I have not seen or heard anything bad about this from early previews. Scorsese’s stamp on this tells me all I need to know.

    John, I look forward to discussing the show with you. –DHS

  2. The series premiere has now aired! Share your intial reactions, thoughts and opinions:

  3. The Season Three Premiere was like a big dish of comfort food (with a little bit of spice) –

  4. Some nice character development for Nucky, Gyp, Margaret, Harrow and Gillian in Ep 3.3 –

  5. The theme of violence against women made episode 3.5 a hard one to sit through:

  6. Another great Korder-Coulter collaboration in Ep 3.7 showcasing again the amazing work of Gretchen Mol and Jack Huston as Gillian and Harrow:

  7. Everything fell into place in ep 3.11 for what should be an explosive season finale:

  8. The Season Four Premiere was a bit disappointing and disjointed, but it certainly set up some interesting plot threads and new characters.

  9. A new nemesis is shaping up for Chalky and Nucky, but the writers continue to weave disconnected plotlines in episode 4.2:

  10. After a lousy start, the season finally seems to be hitting its stride in episode 4.5:

  11. We learned more about Narcisse’s back-story, but this was another mixed bag in episode 4.7:

  12. A pretty strong episode in the areas of “moving the plot forward” and character development…with yet another character getting offed!

  13. Was this one of Boardwalk’s finest hours? Mol was in top form and Louis Gossett Jr. gave the type of guest spot Emmy dreams are made of:

  14. jim says:

    Hey really liked your insight on Boardwalk, I was hoping you had picked up on Peaky Blinders which is a great series during Nucky’s time?

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