Twin Peaks – The Return: Complete Hour by Hour Guide

It is happening again.

Catch up with the weekly archive of posts as the hours air on Showtime:

For the uninitiated, here is an amazing promo that gives an excellent 2 and 1/2 minute run-down of the original series:

Rest assured, however quickly I am able to digest what Showtime feeds us, The Schleicher Spin will be there, and I will share my thoughts on each hour and encourage others to discuss, debate, squeal with demented glee or scream with horror, laugh, cry, critique and obsess along with me.

So line up the donuts…and break out the tiny tribute dioramas.

Allison's Twin Peaks Diorama

Read up on past Spin posts about the beloved series:

Watch and listen to the amazing Angelo Badalamenti tell the story of how he and Lynch collaborated to create the haunting “Laura Palmer’s Theme” for Twin Peaks:

Check out Showtime’s official spin:

Twin Peaks on Showtime Official Site

And pour yourself a cup of damn fine coffee, and enjoy the upcoming journey back to that someplace beautiful and strange.

– D. H. Schleicher

16 comments on “Twin Peaks – The Return: Complete Hour by Hour Guide

  1. The latest teaser dropped:

  2. The latest teaser with some familiar faces:

  3. Gotta love the insight into Lynch’s creative process in this great article at Variety:

  4. It is happening again…(with some new faces)…

  5. The plot thickens in Hour Seven, and Lynch continues to prey upon our expectations:

  6. WOW BOB WOW – sooooo scary. Like really truly beautifully horrific was this eighth hour…

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