And Then We Vanish

Did you ever notice how some people just disappear? Some of them by choice. Some of them because they never really existed. And some of them disappear after you leave them unconscious in a Ford Pinto stuck in a ditch. – from “The Pumpkin Thief,” the opening story from And Then We Vanish


“An intriguing and rich tapestry of fiction.” – River Phillips, author & blogger

“A moving & thought-provoking collection with strong characters.” – Ivy Ngeow, author

“I love a shocking ending that gives you a jolt where you exclaim, I didn’t see that coming! It’s rare to find such depth of connection to the characters in short stories.” – Gina Rae Mitchell, book blogger

“Well done and evocative. While a lot of the protagonists aren’t likeable, they’re all interesting. If you’re looking for a way to spend an evening dwelling on the horrors of how easy it is to lose touch with others, it’s a great pick.” – Margaret Adelle, booktuber

When Night Falls on Niagara, one of my favorites is both a whimsical and mysterious tale and will make you wonder what’s real and not real about one of America’s most famous landmarks. Another gem, Upon the Unfortunate News of My Death, deals with modern-day social media. How spreading rumors and misinformation can so easily change lives…Schleicher has a style that draws you in and makes you care about each of his characters.” – John Greco, author/photographer

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Eleven twisting tales curated from nearly a decade of work, And Then We Vanish features five new stories and six previously published stories from acclaimed independent author D. H. Schleicher.

In these stories we encounter characters who are victims of their own poor decisions and of chance, like a young boy under the threat of a local kidnapping scare who starts to realize the truth about himself and his father one fateful Halloween, a woman in the midst of a midlife crisis whose dog keeps running away from her, a disgraced college professor who becomes entangled with his down-and-out neighbors outside of Atlantic City, and a lonely person who wanders Niagara Falls at night imagining their escape with a mysterious stranger.

These characters might be longing to disappear or left behind by those who already have, and their stories challenge us to connect with them while they navigate the waves of mystery, violence, and the absurd that filter into their everyday lives.

Discover Eleven Ways to Vanish in the Following Tales:

  • The Pumpkin Thief – new
  • The Ballerina in Battery Park – originally published in Scratch Anthology: Volume 3
  • Upon the Unfortunate News of My Death – new
  • Boko Haram’s Greatest Hits – originally published in A Million and One Magazine
  • Anthrax and Cherry Blossoms – originally published in A Million and One Magazine
  • Somebody You Used to Know – new
  • Blue Heather – new
  • Down Gallow’s Way – originally published in Red Moon District by Underground Voices
  • Wild Horses – new
  • When Night Falls on Niagara – originally published in Eunoia Review
  • Night of the Spider – originally published in The Stone Digital Literary Magazine

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