One Year Ago Today


CAPTION: Dave, you’ve been forcing me to read your blog for how long?

So it was one year ago today that I reluctantly entered the blogosphere primarily as a way to promote my novel, The Thief Maker, which continues to accumulate accolades and new readers through my grassroots marketing campaign.

Now it seems like I can’t live without blogging.  Through simple word-of-mouth my blog has opened up my writing and ideas to new victims, I mean readers.

Over the course of the year I’ve explored in humorous fashion the Presidential Primaries, the social ramifications of, and my loathing of Barry Bonds while seriously discussing and dissecting contemporary and classic films, books, and art.  People also seemed to have enjoyed my pop-culture and politically inspired drinking games (lushes) and my endless parade of lists (ironic, as I consider myself an anti-list-ite).

Here’s the modestly appalling numbers over the course of this first experimental year:

Hits: 15,200+

Posts: 92+

Reader Comments: 170+

Movie Reviews Posted: 40+

Book Reviews Posted: 15+ 

Readers Tortured: Countless

Here’s to continued growth next year.  Thank you to all who have made this blog a small success in the vast sea of meaningless internet content.  I promise to continue to post worthwhile material designed to make you think, laugh, or explore while continuing to shamelessly self promote my writing.  I welcome all and any feedback, suggestions, complaints, winning lottery numbers, gossip, and donations.  Cheers to all in the New Year!


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