1. Hi! David H. Schleicher,
    DHS said,”Phillies 2009 Opening Night Ceremonies
    The American Flag…the birthplace of America…the defending World Champions…what more do you want?”

    Hmmm…a hotdog, a Coke cola and maybe some…jellybeans(?1?)
    I must admit that is great shot!(Photograph)
    Once again, Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 🙂

    DeeDee — jellybeans?! NO! LMAO — how about beer and a repeat World Championship? –DHS

  2. D.H.S.,
    LOL!…I was just kidding around with you, when I mentioned the…jellybean.
    Because I thought that was a “funny” childhood memory that you related over there on Sam Juliano’s blog.

    David said, “How about beer and a repeat World Championship?”
    Hmmm… I ‘am a “teetotaler,” (David, not because I use to drink, but because I have never drank alcoholic beverages.) but here hoping for a repeat of the World Championship.

    DeeDee 🙂

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