Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010


Happy New Year from The Schleicher Spin!

There will be no reinventing the wheel here in 2010 as we continue to cover books, films, travel and anything that strikes a cord in the happily demented mind of D. H. Schleicher.

Stay tuned in January for upcoming reviews Up in the Air, The White Ribbon and Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Year of the Flood.

And what January would be complete without The Annual Davies Awards in FilmWhat will D. H. Schleicher name as Best Picture of 2009?  And Worst Picture?  I know…I know…the anticipation is killing you.

Also keep watch for the announcement of The Best Films of the 2000’s. What film will top the list as the greatest of the decade?

We would also like to thank all those fellow bloggers and friends who have made 2009 such a great year across the blogosphere:  Sam Juliano, DeeDee, Debra, CCYager, John Lehman, Kevin Olson, Troy Olson, Joseph “Jon” Lanthier, Chris Tait, John Greco, Forrest Hartman, Andrew Conroy, Jake Cole, Jaime Uhler, Rebecca Lerwill, Teresa Frohock and all the others who have visited ‘the Spin and given their latest take on the topic at hand.

We’ll leave you with a bit of what’s to come in 2010 from Hollywood.  Hopefully they’ll open the new decade just as strongly as they closed this past one.  Here are the ‘Spin’s three most anticipated films of 2010:

3.  “Marty” Scorsese’s long awaited Shutter Island (allegedly coming out in February 2010)

2.  “T-Bone” Malick’s Tree of Life (god-willing coming out in December 2010)

1.  Christopher “Fritz” Nolan’s Inception (guaranteed to blow your mind in July 2010)


  1. Hi! D.H.Schleicher,
    I hope that you and your family have a safe, peaceful and…Happy New Year too!
    By the way, Nice trailer for Nolan’s Inception. You know another “mind” boggling trailer is Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland…Well, that trailer is more mind… “altering” or surreal.
    Take care!
    DeeDee 😉

    DeeDee, ah, yes…Alice in Wonderland and The Wolfman are also highly anticipated for 2010.

  2. Oh Christ in heaven Tree of Life is slated for December? Of course it is, for Oscar lovin’ but how much longer do we have to wait, world? As if Malick doesn’t take enough of his sweet-ass time between movies as it is?

    Jake, and that’s if Malick gets through his post-production in a timely manner. It might be December 2011 at his typical pace! –DHS

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