It’s Oh So Quiet

It’s oh so quiet…and peaceful until…the tourist season.

I could hibernate all winter and all summer long.  Give me the mountains in the fall and the shore in the spring when the noise is low and natural, the locals are talkative and happy to see you, and the hushed streets lay out before you waiting to be strolled.

Spectral Victorian houses taking deep breaths and creaking in the gentle breezes.  An empty beach on a Saturday.  The sun shining.  60 degrees.  Perfect. 

Here are some pics from a walkabout through Cape May, NJ.  

Click here for some photos from my visit to Wildwood and Cape May last summer at the height of the raucous tourist season.

Written and Photographed by David H. Schleicher



  1. Hello! D.H. Schleicher,
    These pictures are very…beautiful. By the way, on my other blog, I’am taking a look at film noir that take place during the Victorian period.
    Therefore, you can understand why I’am intrigued by your photographs.

    I think that you and writer R.L.Bourges, take wonderful pictures. Even though all 16 pictures are beautiful I like the first 4 and No# 10, 12, 13, 14, and 15 the best!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉

    Thanks, Dee Dee. I look forward to checking out your noir pieces on your blog. –DHS

  2. David: On this presentation I am completely with you, as Lucille and I went for a one-week vacation every year for 11 seasons to Wildwood, where we stayed at a family-operated beachfront motel, that has since been razed for the condiminium disease that has overtaken Jersey’s cleanest seashore town. Each and every year we traveled to Cape May, and I dare say I know many of the houses depicted in this lovely collection. We did visit and bought things in these quaint shops, and we always ate at the Lobster House on the bay after you cross the bridge into Cape May. You’ve included som egreat stuff here david, and the memories are all flooding back. I’ll show these to Lucille.

    Thanks, Sam. –DHS

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