Dead by Daylight

It’s summertime!  And what comes to mind more than…yup, uh-huh…graveyards!

It might be the summer doldrums for refined film buffs — and if you consider yourself party to such self-inflicted snobbery, then pray your city has been one of the selected cities for Winter’s Bone’s limited release – it’s killer good and the perfect antithesis to summer movie hell.  Meanwhile every girl and woman you know is lining up for tonight’s midnight showing and about to go crazy over the latest in the Twilight Saga…dun dun dun…Eclipse!  Can you hear Bonnie Tyler now?  Turn around…

So, in the most tenuous of ties to the Total Eclipse of the Box Office, I have decided to post a hodge-podge collection of my daylight graveyard photography.  Some of these photos have been posted before in travel logs and some have never before seen the light of day.  The cemeteries visited span the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York. 

Ga’head, ladies, use your imagination and picture your favorite vampire or werewolf hunk amidst the trees and the stones.  Or better yet…don’t. 

Written and Photographed by David H. Schleicher

And if any WordPress blogger out there knows of a slide show feature…please clue me in!  I would’ve loved to have presented these photos accompanied by the music below from Eric Satie and Michael Nyman — though the images used in the video are dreadfully stunning and worthy of contemplation in their own right.  Enjoy.


  1. The Satie and Nyman piece is serene and beautiful, and a perfect aural underpinning for these photos.

    I just started reading Neil Gaiman’s Newbery Award winning THE GRAVEYARD BOOK to the fifth graders in my summer school class today! Your post really underlines this! Terrific shots here David!

    Thanks as always, Sam! –DHS

  2. i’ll watch the latest twilight installment when it comes out on dvd.

    i took a few photos of an african american graveyard called st. zion cemetery in memphis. probably on the national historic register. but run-down. burials started in 1870s by blacks who wanted a decent burial place for fellow blacks.

    haven’t gotten a chance post the photos and blogs.

    another cemetery i like is in st. francisville (i think) in mississippi. love the moss hanging from the oaks.

    and of course of the cemeteries all over new orleans.


    Would love to see those photos! –DHS

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