Scratch Anthology Volume 3 is Here!

The Scratch Anthology Volume 3 has finally arrived – featuring my story, “The Ballerina in Battery Park”, as well as a bountiful cornucopia of award-winning short fiction and poetry from a cavalcade of damn fine emerging writers.

Got an itch for some great stories? Why don’t you mosey on over to Scratch and get your copy today?


  1. […] Great news has just been announced at The Schleicher Spin where crack Garden State writer David Schleicher, great friend and supporter of WitD, has announced the recent publication of his newest short story in a collection: […]

  2. David, congratulations to you for this magnificent achievement and best of luck with the sales!

    I just used Pay Pal to order my own copy, and look forward to it’s arrival!

    Thanks, Sam, as always, for your support. I’m looking forward to reading the other stories in the anthology. –DHS

  3. David, how did I miss this post? There is no more satisfying achievement for a young writer than getting published on actual, real, crinkly pages all bound together into a hefty book. Congratulations and here’s to lots of success in the future.

    Thanks, Jason! –DHS

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