Boardwalk Empire: Peg of Old

Poor Nucky can't catch a break this season.

Boardwalk Empire: Complete Episode Guide 

Boardwalk Empire – Peg of Old

Season Two: Episode Seven

Directed by:  Allen Coulter

Written by:  Howard Korder, Steve Kornacki and Bathsheba Doran

The Spin:  For the most part, each episode of the second season thus far has been attributed to a single staff writer (many of them also producers on the show), unlike the first season where gaggles of staffers were penning stuff trying to get the cadence of the series down.  The single “author” for each episode has made the second season infinitely stronger and more direct in theme.  For episode seven, a trio of seasoned staffers worked together, giving us an hour more reminiscent of Season One.  In other words…a whole lotta shit went down, brother – and the result was hit or miss.  Director Allen Coulter held it all together, culminating in a sun-drenched scene harkening back to Episode 1.5 where Margaret succumbed to her desires.  Before this however, we witnessed a cavalcade of rebuffs and insults.  Jimmy is proving to be a weary man in charge, guided by his Lady Macbeth of a mother (Gretchen Mol) who is still knocking boots with that slimy Luciano fella.  Meanwhile, Lucy (Paz de la Huerta) presents her motherhood and sad predicament to an always willing to help Nucky.  Seeing this as an opportunity to mend things with (I mean blackmail) Van Alden (Michael Shannon), Nucky falls into a fit of bad luck – getting double-crossed by Van Alden (who seeks to appease the new lady ADA) and then shot at by one of Jimmy’s hired hands – in the hand no less.  Then there’s little Margaret…away in Brooklyn to see her long-lost brother and sisters only to get rebuked by her elder brother and sent back being told, “No one knows you here.”  Well, sista, that Slater chap (Charlie Cox) sure knows ya, and he’s waiting there hand and foot…and…shut yo mouth…back in AC.  Go on with ya bad self.

Things Learned This Evening:  A lady likes her bag left at the foot of the stairs.  A woman wants that bag taken up, please.  All little girls like horses.

Wait Until Next Week:  Oh man, poor Nucky is gonna go ape-shit when he realizes Jimmy tried to kill him and Slater slept with his woman!  Callin’ Chalky White!

Commentary by David H. Schleicher 

To my readers and Boardwalk strollers:  Thoughts, reactions, comments?


  1. Was that a well directed “Judas” scene when Jimmy walks up to Nucky, whispers in his ear, and then walks away quickly as his hired hand takes the shot at Nucky — Did Jimmy tell his hired hand to make this a “warning” shot; or was the guy just a “bad shot”?

    I think the guy was a bad shot. –DHS

  2. Hey DHS, love the blog! But I’m not sure how to contact you regarding a question I have for this episode, I believe. 2.7. Slater killed a fellow Irishman in the taven bathroom. All I can make out is “traitor”. What was the reason? No story was really given to help out the viewer. Thanks!

    Thanks, rjman! The details were never given, but I think it’s safe to assume that Slater had tracked him down and the murder was related to the troubles back in Ireland. He was probably a former IRA member turned double-crosser who had hopped the pond, and part of Slater’s charge in the new world was to track down these traitors. –DHS

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