Issue Two of The Stone Digital Literary Magazine Now Available

The second issue of The Stone is now available for download at through the Kindle app!

Cover art for Issue Two comes courtesy of award-winning British photographer Eleanor Leonne Bennett, and inside you will find great stories from three continents.

Here’s a preview:

Stretching my long legs in perfect tandem one after the other in rhythmic fashion simultaneously thumping the ground below my feet, I spring forward—yes, I am running. At a speed either unknown to me or at the speed of light, or so I thought. Running for my life to catch a day-train to Bangalore—the Brindavan Express. – from “Train of Thought” by Prakash Jashnani

All across town clocks were tossing off seconds with loud clicks, obnoxious tapping, or with silent digital precision, and he knew that just because he couldn’t hear them didn’t mean they weren’t out there and that the ticking wasn’t happening, and more importantly, that time wasn’t running out. – from “Deadline” by Vince McGovern

Directly in front of the window, a large white ferris wheel slowly turned up, towards, and away from the window.  Up, towards, away, up, towards, away.  Here and there flashes snapped from inside the tinted windows of the ferris wheel cars.  Miek wondered if she would turn out in any of those tourist photos, a small face peering out of a window facing Dam Square, only discovered when someone’s weekend away in Amsterdam was over and their photos uploaded to their computer.  – from “The Trip” by Amanda Perino

The thought of being alone with Ritchie made Jerry nervous. Yes, the Dunwoodys had a three year-old daughter named Ritchie. Jerry had been totally against it, but it was the trend amongst all of Stephanie’s girlfriends that year to apply boys’ names to their newborn daughters. In Ritchie’s preschool class there were two girls named Sam (just Sam), a Billy and a Bobby.  – from “Puddle Jumpers” by D. H. Schleicher

So go ahead and roll back The Stone to uncover great stories in the digital age.

The Stone was founded as a way to bridge the gap between classic storytelling and new technology.  Our goal is to provide great stories to the masses in a modern user-friendly format, through the Kindle App, at an affordable price ($1.99 USD for four stories) – cheaper than downloading music.

We are currently open to the public for submissions.  We seek contributors from across the globe, both established writers and independents.  If you are a writer looking to submit your original, previously unpublished work for consideration in future issues, click here for submission guidelines.

Remember – You don’t need a Kindle to read The Stone.  All you need is the free Kindle App!  Don’t have the Kindle App yet?  Click here to download it for free to your PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or smart-phone.

Have the Kindle App already?  Then click here to download The Stone – Issue Two now for only $1.99 (USD).

As an added bonus to readers in honor of the release of the second issue we are offering for 5 days only (May 15th through May 19th) a free download of The Stone Premier Issue!  Click here to download the Premier Issue for FREE (regularly priced at $1.99 after May 19th).

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  1. Congratulations, and nice cover. As soon as I get a few bucks in my charge card I’ll get a copy. Continue the march!

    Thanks, John! –DHS

  2. I purchased Issue Two of the Stone with great anticipation and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! Kudos to the authors for creating such interesting characters and vivid scenarios in just a few short pages – the short story is not an easy write to master. Well done! I also like the idea of your introducing your readers to a talented photographer with the cover art! I look forward to Issue Three …

  3. […] David Schleicher is proud to announce that ‘Issue Two’ of the Stone Digital Literary Magazoine’ is now available.  It’s over at The Schleicher Spin:                                                                   … […]

  4. […] David Schleicher is proud to announce that ‘Issue Two’ of the Stone Digital Literary Magazoine’ is now available.  It’s over at The Schleicher Spin:                                                                   … […]

  5. […] David Schleicher is proud to announce that ‘Issue Two’ of the Stone Digital Literary Magazoine’ is now available.  It’s over at The Schleicher Spin:                                                                   … […]

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