It Ain’t Over ’til the Last Soprano Sings

The fat lady has sung. 

Sunday, June 10th marks the final episode of one of the most celebrated shows in history, HBO’s The Sopranos.

The Sopranos

Hard to believe, it’s been close to a decade and 6 1/2 seasons since The Sopranos debuted and made HBO a perennial Emmy contender and the prime spot for appointment television.  Having been in college when it began, I didn’t settle in as a regular viewer until Season Three.  By this point, the show was already getting backlash from critics and viewers, but this is the season where I fell in love with the show.  I eventually caught the first two seasons on reruns, and they were truly some of the most expertly crafted, wonderfully scripted, and thoughtfully acted 24 hours of television ever produced.   As the show has progressed, it’s had its fair share of stale and boring episodes, but it’s always been reliable for a few good surprises (I still get emotional over Adriana’s demise) and tour-de-force acting (especially from Edie Falco as Tony’s long suffering wife, Carmella Soprano). Continue reading