The 24 Drinking Game

ATTENTION READERS:  Check out the discussion at The Schleicher Spin on 24’s Series Finale.

NOTE: This was originally done for the 6th season back in 2007, but these general rules can be applied to any season.


The best show on network television is back for another season.

Here’s a refresher on The “24” Drinking Game:

Drink every time:

  • They display the ticking clock
  • A character is talking on a cell phone
  • Someone gets shot
  • Something explodes
  • Characters appear in the split screen format
  • Someone dies (this calls for a social)
  • A character displays a sense of righteous indignation (just think how Mrs. Palmer acted the entire first season)
  • Jack Bauer says, “I’m Jack Bauer….”
  • Chloe looks or acts like a bitch (and you love it)
  • Someone mentions terrorist/terrorism/terrorist attack
  • Someone says, “I need to speak to the President”
  • The satellites need re-positioning
How about you re-position the satellites?

DISCLAIMER: Due to the outrageous frequency with which these events can occur in a single hour of “24”, for health and safety reasons, it is recommended by the Surgeon General that this game be played with your favorite brand of beer and not with shots.

Written by David H. Schleicher


  1. Some added suggestions:

    Drink when:

    Someone says “I need to speak with the President.”
    Someone utters “There was nothing you could do.”
    Every time Jack steals a car.
    Someone uses the word “time” (could end up with a lot of drunk people on this one).
    Everytime a satellite is “re-tasked”.

  2. Cyndi-uh oh, the secret is out! HA HA.

    Geeksinger, I like the new rules. I will take them into consideration. I did feel a bit parched for a few minutes at a time the past few night, so this should make the drinking more constant again. The satelite re-tasking calls for a social!

    • My husband and I are just watching all the 24 seasons on DVD – right now we’re 2 hours out from finishing Season 4 (which we love so much more than Season 3). We’ve been joking about a 24 drinking game too, but our rules were related to what was said. Take a drink when:
      – Jack “Dammit!”
      – Tony “Ya” (with a drawl)
      – Someone says “I need to speak to the President”
      – Jack (or someone else) “I understand”
      – Jack (or someone else) “Yes, Mr. President”
      – Jack “Chloe, please….”
      – Someone says “you made the right choice”
      – Someone says “millions of Americans will die”
      – Someone says “we’re running out of time!!!!”
      Yes, you probably will not get as drunk with our version but hey, we’re parents of young kids. Can’t afford the rough mornings anymore (and not being able to give up after watching 3 hours straight on DVD is enough of an impediment to the next day!!!)

      Thanks for your post, it made me chuckle. I like some of the other comments and other phrases…we’ll be adding those in!

      Helen – ha ha ha, great stuff! Thanks for stopping by. –DHS

  3. I love it! Has this been going on for the previous 5 seasons as well? To think of all the fun I missed out on by not knowing there was a “24 Drinking Game”

    May I suggest taking a drink whenever someone says “Send that to my screen”?

  4. Joseph,

    Yes, the 1st season was on while I was a senior in college, and that is where we came up with the game (who woulda thunk? college kids playing drinking games!). It has been a tradition ever since. In fact, one of my friends from college (who lives 500 miles away) still plays along, over the phone (we call each other during commercial breaks). Let nothing stand in the way of 24 and getting your drink on!

  5. A (probably unneeded) word of caution:

    There was a local woman who died recently from a water drinking contest for a radio show. She drank nearly two gallons of water and died of water intoxication. She had 3 kids and was trying to win them a Wii game machine.

    Sorry for the downer note. And I hope the season of 24 is great.

  6. *begin sarcasm*

    I don’t get it… I drink and do drugs way more often than I drink water. I actually think my tolerance for tequila rivals that of some high school cheerleaders. What does death by water have to do with me? 😛

    *end sarcasm*

  7. If Jack Bauer was a Muslim would this show be popular? I thought we in the US was against terrorism?

    Same goes for the terrorist James 007 Bond

  8. I still want to know where they get those cell phones that never need charging and work no matter where they are, including in the proximity of a nuclear (or is that nuculur?) blast.

    Re the drinking game: Bill buchanan on the phone, Peter McNichol scratching his chin, Powers Boothe being Powers Boothe, and as a wrinkle for the alcoholics: anytime a new plot twist enters the show. suffice it to say the alcoholics are safe.

    I miss the old Chloe, the one with the dyspetic face and the grimace the menace look…the new Chloe just frowns and tries to look pensive.

  9. I miss 24 for one reason – the “Jack Bauer” drinking game! It’s super simple to play. All you have to do is have a sip of beer each and every time anyone on the show says either “Jack” OR “Bauer”. Two sips if they use both his first and last name, “Jack Bauer”. Half of the time I have to use the commercial breaks to catch up! This game rarely disappoints. It will get you quite buzzed, if not pretty drunk. YAY … Jack is back!!!

  10. Just ran across this looking at old posts from your blog. As a former fan of 24 (we used to get together with a group of friends and watch 6 episodes at a time, but quit after season 5, for a variety of reasons, including hearing bad things about season 6) I’d add the following times to take a drink:

    — Anytime they ask to “setup a perimeter”
    — Anytime someone “goes dark”
    — Kim is stupid
    — Jack yells “Dammit”

    I’m sure there are tons more, but part of the fun of the show was always in how it adhered to so many of the cliches it set-up for itself. Almost makes me want to start watching again…

    Troy, season six was a mess, but season seven was a great comeback. So far season eight is pretty good…all the cliches are there again and as entertaining as ever. –DHS

  11. Any time Jack yells “DROP YOUR WEAPON” everyone has to drink and if he follows it up with “DROP YOUR WEAPON, NOW” everyone has to chug a whole beer.

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