Travel Log May 2007

I’ve returned from my vacation to North Carolina renewed and refreshed.  During my time away…

1. I discovered Graham Greene makes for shockingly good beach reading.  His Tenth Man, with all its wartime noir and identity swapping, would’ve made a splendid plot for an Alfred Hitchcock film.

2. I grew closer to starting my next novel.  The change of scenery inspired some detailed outlining and the genesis of character names.  The opening line is just around the corner. 

3.  I nursed a bad sunburn on my forearms.  Ironically it was from time spent at a Phillies’ game the weekend prior and not from any time on the beach.

4. I traipsed around some old haunts with some old friends.  Thankfully that first place we erroneously stepped into on Wrightsville Beach was not our beloved Dockside, and that wonderful establishment still stands as is a few buildings down the road with a much improved menu.  It’s funny how memory plays tricks on you and you swear something was right here when in fact it was always over there.  Check out for more on this great spot if you plan to visit the area.

5. I attended a lovely wedding with an overflowing open bar.  Jack Daniels, my old friend, it had been too long!

6. And divine joy of fast-food joys–I dined at Bojangles twice–gotta lotta flava’ y’all!

The following pictures were all taken at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and the surrounding Wilmington area.  You may notice I prefer to take photos of places and things rather than people or myself…so pardon the cold austerity of my travel log.  Enjoy.

The Calm before the Storm of Tourist Season, Wrightsville Beach, NC


From a Room with a View

Visit to find out more about this first class resort with all oceanfront views.


How the 1% Lives at Wrightsville Beach


The U.S.S. North Carolina Docked at Wilmington


As Jan Brady Might Exclaim, “A Marsh, A Marsh, A Marsh!”


The Majestic Live Oaks Lining the Marsh at the Ft. Fisher Civil War Battlegrounds


More Beautiful Oaks at Ft. Fisher


The Lonely Trail away from Ft. Fisher


Written and photographed by David H. Schleicher

One comment

  1. Your pictures of the warship is one of the strangest things I’ve seen, maybe if the water was visable it would make sense.

    You’re right. It is very strange. I assure you the water is there, just not in frame. –DHS

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