Spotlight on the Independent Arts: Robbie Gil

***This is the second post in a new feature I plan to showcase here at The Schleicher Spin called Spotlight on the Independent Arts.  

The goal is to give exposure to, encourage collaboration with, and provide honest critiques for independent artists.  I hope to feature filmmakers, writers, photographers, painters and musicians.  As an independent author, I feel it’s important to support and celebrate those working independently to forge their careers in the arts.   

If you are an independent artist interested in having your film, book, music or art considered by The Schleicher Spin for a Spotlight feature, please submit a comment. 

The second entry will focus on independent singer/songwriter Robbie Gil

Independent Singer/Songwriter: Robbie Gil

The Lowdown:  If you’re in the know, the first thing you’ll think of when you hear Robbie Gil is, “Damn, he sounds a lot like Ray LaMontagne.  Hell, they even look a bit alike.”  Robbie Gil is that good, but if you are a fan of LaMontagne, you know he just isn’t the type of artist they play on the radio these days.  But in the age of iTunes, YouTube and instant mobile access to music and videos, who the hell cares about what they’re playing on the radio? 

Robbie Gil’s most recent EP, “Lightning in a Bottle”, is a 5 song collection — the best of which I feel is “How’s Colorado?” featured in the video above.  It’s a song blessed with achingly good lyrics like, “Well now it seems so strange ’cause we were once as thick and thieves, and I guess I never thought you’d really leave.”  The EP is a great first taste, but nothing compares to his live performances.  He’s made his way around much of Manhattan, but he’s become a regular fixture at Rockwood Music Hall, a great intimate venue with awesome acoustics where I had the pleasure of seeing him play back in December of ’09. 

**Manhattanites take note, apparently Rockwood has recently added a second stage that can accommodate a bigger crowd where Gil will be performing every other Saturday for the next few months.  His next show is Saturday April 24th at 10:30pm.

The Final Spin:  Robbie Gil has all the chops.  If you love folksy, bluesy rock that sounds polished in the studio and raw and blistering live, you’d be an idiot not to seek out a Robbie Gil show at Rockwood Music Hall if you happen to be in Manhattan for a spell.  He’s the kind of singer/songwriter you want to tell all your friends about and you hope to be able to say one day in reference to another singer, “Damn, he sounds just like Robbie Gil.  Did I ever tell you about how I knew him when?”


  • “Lightning in a Bottle” EP gets a B+
  • A live show gets an A+ (and a standing O)

Click here to purchase “Lightning in a Bottle” on

Robbie Gil’s songs are also available through iTunes.

Written by David H. Schleicher


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  1. Hi! D.H.Schleicher,

    D.H. Schleicher said,”Did I ever tell you about how I knew him when?”
    Hmmm…If my memory serves me well… 🙄
    …I think so and thanks, for the introduction (to singer Robby Gil,)…and for sharing the video clip.

    …”Robbie Gil’s most recent EP, “Lightning in a Bottle”, is a 5 song collection.”
    I wonder if I can place any of Robbie Gil’s song on my blog ipod widget?

    Once again, D.H.,thanks for sharing and this is a very thoughtful, and kind undertaking on your behalf…reaching out to turn the spotlight on others…I really like that gesture.
    DeeDee 😉

    DeeDee, according to Mr. Gil himself you can download some of his music for free here: – DHS

  2. Interesting soulful voice. Especially liked KEEP YOUR CHIN UP, PAINT BY NUMBERS, HOW’S COLORADO and TKAING TOO LONG. Thanks for spreading the word.

    Glad you liked the music, John! –DHS

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