Sideways in Bucks County

This past Saturday (amidst all the crisp sunlight and gusting winds) was spent on a self-guided wine tour of Bucks County.  It was our little Pennsylvania version of Sideways as we hit many of the spots along the Bucks County Wine Trail, but unlike Paul Giamatti’s character, we did drink some Merlot. 

We visited five wineries in Bucks County (sorry, no pictures for this day-trip…too busy drinking)…and I’m confident in selecting Crossing Vineyards and Winery on Wrighstown Road in Washington’s Crossing as the best of  the Bucks County bunch.  

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It was the first on our stop and features beautifully appointed grounds and interiors, warm and friendly service, a fantastic “tasting” set-up amongst the wooden barrels and giant steel drums, and most importantly…the best wine we tasted that day.  The Crossing Vineyards prides itself on presenting the best possibilities of Pennsylvania wine and has won numerous awards.  Their White Viognier and their Specialty Le Nouveau were the highlights for me, and I happily left with a bottle of each to take home. 

Other great wineries along the trail in Bucks: 

New Hope Winery – also offered a free cheese tasting. 

Chadds Ford Winery – actual winery located in Chester County, but they have a retail store in Peddler’s Village where one can get free samples. 

Sand Castle Winery 

Buckingham Valley Vineyards 

Check out my earlier post on the Covered Bridges of Bucks County

Written by David H. Schleicher 

Are you an oenophile?  What great wineries have you discovered in your local area?  Share your favorite wine trail tails and wine tasting stories in the comment form!


  1. Hi! D.H.Schleicher,
    Thanks, for sharing your adventure, the links and the really nice photograph…Now, as for my answers to your questions…

    D.H. Schleicher said,”Are you an oenophile?”
    Hmmm…No, (To be truthful…I had to look the word up using my research tool.)
    “What great wineries have you discovered in your local area?”
    “Share your favorite wine trail tails and wine tasting stories in the comment form!”
    I’am unable to…because I’am a bonafide…teetotaler.
    DeeDee 🙂

    DeeDee – I’m glad to hear I spurred you to look up a new word. –DHS

  2. “sorry, no pictures for this day-trip…too busy drinking.”

    I do love your excellent photography David, but I can’t say I blame you here at all. Sounds like your indulgence in the hedonistic pleasures yieled a day to remember. I can appreciate this too, as I have occasionally indulged in a glass of Merlot, for the purported health benefits, even if I have never gone to the extent you did here. But believe me I do envy you, for the amazing stamina you demonstrated here in visiting these highly regarded wineries. SIDEWAYS indeed!

    • David,

      Thanks for the recap of your trip! You’ve inspired me to plan a weekend getaway from the city.


      Erin, cheers! Enjoy. –DHS

  3. Crossing is great, but your next time out try Wycombe Vineyard (about 15 minutes away) and Rushland Ridge (also about 15 mins from Crossing). Both are interesting small family vineyards, both different but nice.

    Lynne Goldman

    Thanks for the suggestions, Lynne! –DHS

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