Boardwalk Empire: The Emerald City

Boardwalk Empire: Complete Episode Guide 

Boardwalk EmpireThe Emerald City

Season One: Episode Ten

Directed by:  Simon Cellan Jones

Written by:  Lawrence Konner and Terence Winter (series creator) from the novel by Nelson Johnson

The Spin:  After the dames get the right to vote, Nucky sees a golden opportunity with Margaret to rally the gals behind his new puppet for mayor.  Poor Jimmy mistakes his little boy’s outburst on the boardwalk about “mommy’s kissing friend” and beats the bejesus out of that sap of a photographer, resulting in his paramour plotting with the photographer’s wife to finally skedaddle over the pond to Paris takin’ the kid and all.  Meanwhile, snubbed after a visit with Margaret, Agent Van Alden falls off the wagon and runs into Lucy, resulting in the series’ most uncomfortable sex scene yet (a little more conversation would’ve been better).  Now get this – that giggly Doyle crosses the aisle resulting in a vengeful Chalky White botching a Nucky-planned rouse against Rothstein’s gang, resulting in two dead.  Back in Chicago, Capone has an unlikely revelation in a synagogue and decides it’s finally time to grow up – watch out world!  In your face (or shall we say half-faced) literary motifs (courtesy of The Wizard of Oz), the aforementioned sex scene, and a whole-lotta goin’ on resulting in all too obvious look in the mirror for Margaret made this a mixed bag of an episode. 

My favorite parts: Capone gettin’ all thoughtful at a bar mitzvah, the one-eyed sniper (Jack Huston) connecting with the Schroeder kids over the Wiz, Chalky White exacting his revenge with his bare hands.

Wait Until Next Week:  Will Van Alden realize what he can really use Lucy for?  What’s Rothstein’s next move?  What’s Jimmy gonna do when he finally realizes who his lady has been gettin’ down with?

Commentary by David H. Schleicher 

To my readers and Boardwalk strollers:  Thoughts, reactions, comments?



  1. Jimmy beating up on the photographer was one of the more “shocking” scenes in the series. Van Alden is so sexually screwed I was banking on him killing the girl after having sex with her. Figured he would somehow blame her for leading him down such a sinful path. Capone’s revalation and promise to grow up I thought was the weakest part of the show. I just did not buy it that Al Capone, a thug to be sure, would repond like that.

    John, the writing this week seemed…oh…I dunno…a little trite…twee? It was all over the place and seemed like they were trying too hard. The Capone stuff seemed almost childish – there must be better ways to develop that character…yet, I still enjoyed the scenes on some level. And that’s not to say the episode didn’t have some inspired moments. –DHS

    • “The Capone stuff seemed almost childish”

      Exactly! It was completely unbelieveable that a character like Capone would behave as such. I believe there are only two episodes left so we may have to wait a while to find out how a lot of this is all going go down.

  2. i don’t have premium cable so have not been able to watch boardwalk empire. i will have more to say when it is out on dvd. i’m looking forward to watching the series based on your posts!

    Dianne – I think you will enjoy it! I look forward to you being able to catch up. –DHS

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