And now for 2011

Happy New Year from The Schleicher Spin!

Thanks to all those fellow bloggers and writers who made 2010 such a memorable one at The Spin with their comments and insights:  Sam Juliano, John Greco, DeeDee, Jason Marshall, Dianne Glave, CCYager, Aiden R., John Lehman, Jake Cole, Prakash, Chris Tate, The Olson Brothers, Bob Collins, The Scarlett Spider and all the others who have taken the time to give The Spin a whirl in the ever-increasing blogosphere.

Highlights from 2010:

Stay Tuned in 2011 for:

  • The 5th Annual Davies Awards in Film – Shocking surprises guaranteed!  Who will win Best Picture? Worst Picture?  The suspense is spinning out of control!
  • Reviews of The King’s Speech and Tom Rachman’s The Imperfectionists.
  • I will (probably for quite some time) be tackling Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.
  • And of course…expect wall to wall coverage of the most anticipated motion picture in the history of The Spin:  Terrence “T-Bone” Malick’s The Tree of Life – guaranteed to open…finally…on 5/27/2011.


  1. Happy New Year to you David. Looking forward to the SPIN on 2011.

    Thanks, John! I wonder if we’ll be seeing Boardwalk Empire Season 2 in 2011 or if we will have to wait until 2012. –DHS

  2. Hi! D.H.Schleicher…
    Thanks, for the mention…I must admit that you, covered a lot Of ground last year. I most definitely, will look forward to the upcoming year here at..The Spin!

    Hmmm…War and Peace a costumer”…actress Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, and Mel Ferrer, immediately, came to [my] mind…after I read your post.

    Happy New Year!

    DeeDee 😉

    DeeDee – have you ever read War and Peace? –DHS

  3. Thank you David for the mention — I feel honored. It’s been a tough 2010 for me with hardly any time to catch up on movies and writing reviews. So my only source of trustworthy critique was your site.

    Just saw the Tree of Life trailer you posted — I didn’t bat an eyelid and watched it in awe. That’s one movie I don’t want to miss.

    Happy New Year!

    Prakash – I hope 2011 offers you the chance to start writing and blogging again! It’s great to hear from you in the new year, my friend! –DHS

  4. D.H.Schleicher said,”DeeDee – have you ever read War and Peace?”

    Ha!ha! Oh! no…not yet, with “yet” being the operative word.

    By the way,I’am not familiar with Terrence Malick’s work on film, but his film “The Tree of Life” looks very interesting.

    [Postcript: I’am quite sure this film will be added to my DVD collection…Because friends have made it their mission to send me “all” of Pitt/Jolie’s films.

    (I just received the Jolie vehicle Salt this past Christmas. Therefore, “Tree Of Life”I’am waiting.]

    Salt could’ve used a little pepper. –DHS

  5. Happy New Year to you and yours David!

    Thanks very much for the acknowledgement David! That is deeply appreciated! The Schleicher Spin has evolved into a consitent, passionate, ever-erudite and gloriously opinionated place with contagious list-making and a dab of this and a dab of that to make it an attractive refuge for those with a cultural hankering in any way, shape or form! I found myself agreeing with you much more over these past 12 months that any other time, and while as Yankees and Phillies fans (how about that football Giants meltdown two weeks ago to the Eagles at the Meadowlands???)we have playfully sparred, it’s been a place of amazing agreement and comparable anticipation. Your flattering devotion to Wonders in the Dark, your ceaseless encouragement and enthusiasm, and your abiding love for the arts have made this place stand tall, and I always have fun stopping in!

    Here’s to David Schleicher and THE SCHLEICHER SPIN and the Best Year Ever in 2011!!!

    Thanks, Sam. Too bad your Yanks lost out on Lee to my Phills. Next season should be very interesting. –DHS

  6. And thank YOU David! You may not know this, but you were the first person from outside my pre-blog circle of friends to post a comment on my site last summer. You disagreed with my dislike of “Winter’s Bone.” For that first comment I credit you with the on-going success of my blog. Maybe that isn’t completely justified, but someone has to take the credit so why shouldn’t it be you?

    I look forward to sparring (and, hopefully, agreeing) in the future. Happy New Year!

    Jason, HA! I’ll take the credit! Seriously, though, you deserve all the credit for your blog being one of the best film blogs out there. I’ll always fondly remember our first disagreement. Thanks for all your insights and honesty. –DHS

  7. Wow, one of the best? I don’t know about that, but I’ll take it. And thank you for poking and prodding my positions and, more often than not (“The King’s Speech” being the rare exception), challenging me and my assumptions. You keep up the good work as well, both here and in comments around the blogosphere.

    Well, you’re no Wonders in the Dark, but I’m serious, dude. There are very few I check regularly for real film criticism, and yours is one of them. –DHS

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