Boardwalk Empire: A Dangerous Maid

Boardwalk Empire: Complete Episode Guide 

Boardwalk Empire – A Dangerous Maid

Season Two: Episode Three

Directed by:  Susanna White

Written by:  Itamar Moses

The Spin:  Aha!  The title was a rouse, ya see?  Here I thought we would be seeing Margaret’s maid  getting entangled in…something or someone…but instead it’s just the name of a play poor little Lucy Danzinger (Paz de la Huerta – getting her first chance to really act on the show) longs to star in while Van Alden keeps her locked up like a prisoner until she plops out that bastard of a chap.  Under the watchful eye of director Susanna White, the ladies are front and center in this slower moving family focused episode.  Margaret comes to a revelation about her estranged family (recently emigrated to Brooklyn) while Jimmy continues to wrestle with his mother’s devotion to the conniving Commodore and his own conflicted feelings over who’s the better (or worse) father-figure to him.  Meanwhile, down in the dumps Nucky marks his territory in a great tell-off scene at Babbette’s Supper Club.  Oh yeah, and watch out for that Owen Slater (Charlie Cox) – he’s a man on the move, ladies and gents!

Things Learned This Evening:  Don’t you dare order the last lobster at Babbette’s!  And apparently all a depressed knocked-up gal needs to prevent her from throwing herself down a flight of stairs is a spiffy new Victrola and some records. 

Interesting Trend:  Lucky Luciano and Al Capone have become the most uniteresting characters on the show, but I wouldn’t mind Rothstein (the excellent Michael Stuhlbarg) getting more screen time.

Wait Until Next Week:  How will Nucky react to Sleater taking things into his own hands…and does Sleater have eyes on more than just being Nucky’s right hand man?

Commentary by David H. Schleicher 

To my readers and Boardwalk strollers:  Thoughts, reactions, comments?


  1. My first thought last week was that Mr. Sleater was most definitely interested in Mrs. Schroeder. I’m interested to see how this character shakes things up. And as much as Lucy disgusts me, I was glad to see the “real” her this week. I look forward to your episode guides almost as much as the episodes, Dave!

    Megan – I think Owen will be moving in on “Peggy” very soon. –DHS

  2. Luciano uninteresting? Not if you are into mafia history. They introduced a storyline last night that will probably end up resulting in the Castellamarese War.

    Tony – the historical figure, of course, is fascinating…I just don’t feel he works as a supporting character in a TV show (and actually, I would say Luciano the character is working better for me than the Capone character right now). That being said, that plotline you mention could become very interesting. –DHS

    • I admit that, while I always liked the idea of seeing Capone and Luciano as aspiring gangsters, I did not love Piazza’s interpretation of Luciano in the pilot. He seemed unnecessarily, and unbelievably, hotheaded. I think he’s grown as an actor though. I do like seeing those subtitles of “New York” and “Chicago” appear on the screen though. When Nucky is in politician mode, and the actions slows a little in Atlantic City, it is nice that the writers can lean on the historical gangsters to mix it up a little.

      Anyway, I just discovered your website, but I will look forward to future updates on upcoming episodes. Thanks.

      Thanks, Tony – glad to have you at The Spin! –DHS

  3. Minor quibble with your spin on the title. This one like many others has multiple relations to the storyline. Yes Lucy’s play fits the bill but the maid calling Margaret by the diminutive “Peggy” and saying now I know how I know you could make her a very dangerous maid indeed. Love the blog all the same.

    Joe – I tend to agree with you now. I liked how all of the titles this season had multiple meanings. The writers created many layers to the stories, which is the main reason this is the best show on television. Thanks for reading! –DHS

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