Word Up/Word Down v1.0

Too Many Words

I once had an editor tell me my writing was too wordy.


Well, this is for you then.

There’s not enough time in the world to dive deeply into everything that falls into The Spin, so we’re test driving a potential new recurring feature where I will extol enlightening (or not) one word reviews/thoughts on a myriad of stuff.

Think of them as flash reviews.  Quick Quips.  Free association.  Word Up/Word Down.

So, here we go:

Word Up/Word Down v1.0

Share your own one word reviews of stuff you’ve recently seen or read in the comments field.

And then let us know what you think!


  1. Nice idea.

    Might actually turn out to be a mind game—like Jung’s word association 🙂

    Here’s my contribution:
    – Man of Steel – HiFly
    – Mud – Earthy
    – The Place Beyond the Pines – Hope
    – The Great Gatsby – Leo
    – Life of Pi – Pie?
    – The Master – Masterstroke!
    – World War Z – Zzzzz…

  2. Fun idea … The following comes to mind:
    Woody Allen’s
    Match Point – Hot!
    To Rome With Love – Operatic
    Midnight in Paris – Dreamt
    Annie Hall – Lobster

    Tree of Life – Breathtaking
    On Golden Pond – Pondering

    Boardwalk Empire – HighTide
    Nurse Jackie – Overdosed
    Homeland – Obsessed
    Big Bang – PennyWise

Provide your own Spin and tell us what you think!

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