Twin Peaks – The Return: Hour Eleven

Cherry Pie

Twin Peaks – The Return: Complete Hour by Hour Guide

NOTE TO READERS – These weekly posts are meant to recap what happened (SPOILERS AHEAD) and provide conversation starters for fans to comment and share theories. Do not read if you have not watched this week’s hour(s) yet.


“The cherry pie is life.”

Remember that movie Seven and the creepy mysterious box given to Brad Pitt, and how it turned out that Gwyneth Paltrow’s head was in the box? Remember what a shock and how gut-punching hearbreaking it was? Wow, how time’s have changed…and most people would now howl with laughter and delight at the idea Goop-y Gwynie’s head in a box. Well, there’s a mysterious box in this episode of Twin Peaks, too, and for a moment we wonder along with James Belushi (driven by a dream of what was in that box) and his brother, just what is in that box…carried by Dougie Jones…who they originally planned to kill.

Turns out…just as Belushi’s dream prophesized…it’s a cherry pie! Thanks to the one-armed man, Dougie bought the cherry pie and brought it with him (along with the $30 million claim check for the brothers)…and the cherry pie saves his life. Which leads to a delightful scene of the brothers and Dougie and Candy, Randie, and Mandie at a Vegas lounge enjoying that “Damn Good” pie and the dulcet tones of Angelo Badalamenti on the piano.

Elsewhere in Buckhorn, Gordon has a vision of the burned-out “bearded homeless” guys in some kind of vortex above an abandoned building (perhaps convenience store?) where Bill Hastings allegedly met the Major. Hastings gets “Glass-Boxed” ala those poor Manhattan kids by one of the bums, Ruth Davenport’s body is discovered (with more coordinates tattooed on her arm), and the FBI agents and local police enjoy some donuts and coffee (and Diane enjoys a cigarette, sitting curiously on a high stool while the rest are on chairs around a table).

Lastly, over in Twin Peaks, some kids discover Miriam (the lone witness who can bring down Bad Boy Horne on the hit-and-run) crawling through the brush, bloodied, but very much alive! Meanwhile, Becky goes ballistic on her cheating shit of a man and then has to get a scolding from Dad Bobby and Mom Shelly…and just as the family is making up, a little kid who got a hold of his dad’s gun in the family van accidentally shoots up the van and the Double RR, leading Bobby to encounter a mysterious (and quite frankly, both horrifying and hilarious) sick girl in the passenger seat of her honking-mad aunt’s car stuck behind the van. At the Sheriff’s Station, Truman and Hawk continue to brush up on local folklore and maps while planning to visit the Major’s secret coordinates and the Log Lady warns Hawk that “there’s a fire where you are going.”

Well, hopefully there’s also a cherry pie.

Until next week…

Commentary by David H. Schleicher

What say you, fellow Peakers? What did you think of Hour Eleven?

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