When We Come Back eBook Available for Preorder ahead of Jan 24th 2023 Release Date

The official release date of my new collection of literary and speculative fiction, WHEN WE COME BACK, is set for January 24, 2023.

I am excited to announce you can preorder the ebook version now!

The paperback edition will be available for order in early January. It will also be made available through Kindle Unlimited.

WHEN WE COME BACK arrives on the heels of its thematic predecessor AND THEN WE VANISH, and will explore both recent history and visions of the future.

Across these stories, you’ll find characters struggling to connect, find meaning, and move forward in the face of sometimes tragic and always shifting headwinds.

Here are a few teasers from some of the stories included:

In “Lost Cat, Very Skittish” we glimpse a mosaic of interconnected residents of a small suburban town as they navigate the second year of the global pandemic.

Inspired by the life of famed American painter Andrew Wyeth, “Coldspace” enters the inner thoughts of an old man on his deathbed during a bitter cold spell.

And in “Mischief, Muskrats and Mudslides” a troubled young woman searches for her missing deadbeat boyfriend while climate change threatens her hometown nestled on a lake in the mountains.

D. H. Schleicher

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