Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

He’s a train-riding hothead with a Donald Trump comb-over from the second smallest state of Delaware.

She’s a moose-hunting redneck, tongue-tied, Tina Fey look-a-like from the biggest state of Alaska.

And they’re going head-to-head for one night only from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

THE DATE:  Thursday, October 2, 2008

THE MODERATOR:  Gwen Ifill from PBS

THE FOCUS:  A no holds-barred VP smack-down.


And here it is, for all you Debate Party maniacs —

Your official Drinking Game Initiative:

TAKE A SHOT (or a sip or however you do what you do) WHENEVER:

-Biden mentions his home state of Delaware

-Palin mentions her home state of Alaska or hometown of Wasilla

-Biden uses the phrase “more of the same”

-Palin refers to John McCain or herself as “mavericks”

-Biden refers to Palin’s “inexperience”

-Palin uses some quaint Dan Rather-like colloquialism that makes no sense or tells a folksy story to avoid the issues

-Either one of them talks about their kids or their sons serving in the military

-Either one pretends to know anything about the economy or offer solutions to the current meltdown

-The voting record of Obama or McCain is mentioned

-If the topic of discussion turns to energy, energy independence, or drilling for oil off-shore and in the North Slope of Alaska

-If the “bridge to nowhere” is mentioned

-If the term “community organizer” is mocked by Palin

-If Biden mocks the town of Wasilla or Alaska in reference to Palin’s credentials

-If the foreign policy credentials of either one becomes a topic of debate

-If either one of them lays claim to their running mate “reaching across the aisle”

-It’s a social if someone mentions a moose!

-Drink whatever is left if Biden loses his cool, steps down from the podium, and looks like he might walk across the stage and smack Palin across the face.


The Surgeon General strongly recommends heavy drinking up until November 2nd.  After that, you better sober up and VOTE on November 4th.


Written by David H. Schleicher


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