The Covered Bridges of Bucks County

With fall winding down, this past Sunday was potentially the last nice day to do a day-trip of this nature.  The plan was to tour the Covered Bridges of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Below are some of the photos I captured.  Why so few pictures of the actual bridges, you ask?  Well…we go lost thanks to lousy directions,  Bucks County’s willfully eccentric and confusing system of back-roads through the hills and countryside and non-GPS friendly points of interest.  The roads frequently change names, and some stop dead only to appear miles down another road and running perpendicular to their original selves.  Genius!  If anyone can tell me how to get to Cafferty Road from Dark Hollow Road, a small reward might be paid.  If you do this tour and absolutely must see every covered bridge, my only suggestion is to kidnap an actual native of Bucks County to be your guide.

To be honest, once you’ve seen one covered bridge, you’ve seen them all — go ahead, Covered Bridge Aficionados, send me your hate mail! — so my recommendation is when you reach the starting point of the tour at Washington’s Crossing just stay on River Road aka Route 32.  It’s a wonderfully scenic drive along a winding two-lane highway that snakes along the Delaware River and Pennsylvania Canal.  You’ll get great views of New Hope (the trendy town that always tries too hard), the Jehovah’s Witness Compound (with its literal Watchtower), the river islands, falling rock faces, quarries, cozy inns, biker taverns, beautiful homes, quaint villages and tiny wineries.  When you finally reach Uhlerstown (your WTF fact for the day: Uhlerstown was originally named Mexico), hang left and check out the best covered bridge around that from afar looks like it takes you right into the face of the hillside.  So feel free to toss the directions out the window, turn off your GPS, stop wherever you wish — we did at the historic Washington Crossing Inn for a bite to eat — and enjoy.

Written and Photographed by David H. Schleicher


Other Related Info:

The Yardley Inn (which we previously visited) also makes for a great meal just off River Road.

Check out the Straight Dope on “Why are covered bridges covered?”



  1. A Jehovah Witness Hall with a real “watchtower?” And Uhlerstown formally called Mexico? Those two facts really take the cake. Well David, your long appreciation of the beauties of nature in the keystone state have again been conveyed most appealingly. We may yet have a few weekends of fair weather, as it’s been fluctuating, but admittedly the cold is awaiting us. Magnificent pictures of God’s Country. I can only add that I did take the family to Hershey back in August, and although we were unlucky to draw one of the few very hot days of the season, we experienced some beautiful locations, some nearly as heavenly as the ones you feature here. But I bet you know that town and famed park as well as anyone. My goal one day David is to visit Gettsburg, as I am a huge Civil War buff. Years ago I did go camping with friends the aread of teh Delaware Water Gap, and we had a great time.

    Sam, Gettysburg is a must! I loved it.

    And I wonder…could Uhlerstown be in any way related to WitD’s very own Jamie Uhler? –DHS

  2. Reminds me of back when I lived in NYC and my wife and I would do a fall weekend driveup to Vermont hopefully catching the foilage at its peak along with some covered bridges and other sights.

    John, I did the very same thing a few weeks ago in upstate NY. The foliage was out of this world. –DHS

  3. Hi! D.H.Schleicher,

    I must admit that the Loux Bridge, reminds me of the bridge in the Disney animation The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I must admit that the area do look quite…Sleepy Hollow”ish.”

    Sleepy Hollow”ish.”

    David, I must admit that all of your photographs and the area are very…“beautiful”

    Thanks,for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉

    DeeDee – there certainly were many “Fill in the blank”-Hollow roads in the area. –DHS

  4. …I must also “admit” that is a lot of “admitting” going on too!
    DeeDee 😉

    DeeDee — I must admit I do enjoy all the confessions. HA! –DHS

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