The Schleicher Spin Featured in Premier Issue of Lit Noir


My recent retrospective on The Third Man and the Best Films of the 1940’s has been featured in the premier issue of Lit Noir.

The brainchild of fellow writer, blogger and film buff Jack Lehman, Lit Noir is an attempt to create “Pulp Fiction for the Digital Age.”

Priced at a sweet deal for only a buck – (A Buck? – SCRAM!) – Lit Noir is available for download to your Kindle device or Kindle App for your PC, iPad, smart phone or other digital device.

Click here to get your copy today!




  1. Congratulations on yet another well earned accomplishment. And, I think it’s wonderful that you have sparked an interest in so many excellent films of the 1940’s and other decades as well. Wishing you continued success!

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