That Gum You Like is Going to Come Back in Style

Twin Peaks - Midget Gum

While the midget (later learned to be Mike’s arm) prattled on about polymer oral treats, twas the girl who looked almost exactly like Laura Palmer who told Agent Cooper in the Red Room who killed Laura Palmer…but as all Twin Peakers know…that was 25 years later. After the series finale, were we to believe Agent Cooper (and/or his doppelgänger?) would be trapped in the Black Lodge all that time until the gum he liked was going to come back in style?

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought it would be the cat’s pajamas if David Lynch and Mark Frost would indeed take us back to Twin Peaks 25 years later to see how Coop and Annie and all our friends were doing. Well…it’s been 23 years since we first visited Twin Peaks, which means they have 2 years to get their act together – and naturally rumors abound with Lynch allegedly thinking about returning to TV (hell, isn’t playing Gus the bartender on The Cleveland Show enough for him?) and Frost reminding people how he and David always imagined Twin Peaks as a continuing story. Meanwhile copy-cat shows continue with The Killing still killing on AMC, Bates Motel scaring up viewers on A&E and Netflix attempting to get people hooked on Hemlock Grove.

Thankfully, a new viral campaign to Bring Twin Peaks Back to TV has started over there on the Facebook and apart from the standard fan art, nostalgia, pining and petition signing, they’ve come up with a mondo clever Agent Cooper MISSING Poster Campaign where fans all over the world have been plastering posters every place they can and posting the photographs online.

Agent Cooper MISSING Poster

So of course when I heard about this, like any self-respecting fan would do, I printed some copies and headed to the location closest to me that captured in some way that Twin Peaks vibe. Hence a lazy Sunday afternoon drive out to Batsto Village in Southern New Jersey turned into a clandestine mission to get the word out about Coop!

Check out the photos below and see if you can spot Coop.

Batsto 1

Cooper 1

Batsto 4

Cooper 4

So get your coffee (damn fine!) and donuts (thanks, Lucy!) and Join the Movement!

Sign the petition here!

And if you have no idea what in blue blazes I’m talking about, stream the entire Twin Peaks series on your Netflix for crying out loud already! There’s no excuse in this day and age to not have seen it. Because trust me, if the agents of the White and Black Lodges have their way, that gum you like is going to come back in style, and you’re not going to want to be left out!

Written and Photographed by David H. Schleicher (Man from Another Place photo courtesy of the world-wide web and Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper MISSING poster courtesy of “Bring Twin Peaks Back to TV“)


  1. Alright, you talked me into it. Love Lynch, but have somehow put off watching this series. To Netflix!

  2. David, this was seriously one of the BEST articles I have ever read written on Twin Peaks! Thank you so much for joining the BBTP Movement and getting the word out in your awesome blog! I am thankful each and every day to have started the Movement because it allows me to meet amazing people like YOU from all over the world! We ALL have the SAME PASSION for Twin Peaks, and it’s just a really amazing thing that is happening right now and how people are responding to this! I think once it started streaming on Netflix and Hulu etc, and then the bogus rumors in January about NBC, and then how so MANY shows are completely paying homage to (or ripping off) Twin Peaks like the ones you mentioned and SO MANY OTHERS has really made people anxious and driven to see this masterpiece of television brought back and given the justice it deserves!

    Thank you, LET’S ROCK!

  3. The series was supposed to take place in 1989 though, so it should be next year.
    Man I really hope they’ll do something, it’d be amazing

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