Twin Peaks – The Return: Hour Ten


Twin Peaks – The Return: Complete Hour by Hour Guide

NOTE TO READERS – These weekly posts are meant to recap what happened (SPOILERS AHEAD) and provide conversation starters for fans to comment and share theories. Do not read if you have not watched this week’s hour(s) yet.


“Laura is the one.”

Critics have been saying that the Return of Twin Peaks has defied the normal episode by episode recap. More so than ever, I see my blogging about the Return as a diary capturing my thoughts, fears, sarcastic notes about plot points or performances, fan theories, (and yes, recaps) directly following each hour. And blogging as a diary seems, well, hell…fitting, considering Laura Palmer and her own diary. And it was the Log Lady (the late great Catherine Coulson) who reminded Hawk (and us) just before Hour Ten’s end and a sterling performance by Rebekah Del Rio (that dress! that voice!) singing “No Stars” that indeed, yes…Laura is the one.

She’s still the one. But damn, sometimes you just need a recap. And it seems following the everything-defying-atomic! hour eight…these plot-propelling hours since “Gotta Light?” call for just that.

So in Hour Ten…

  • Dougie gets lucky and Janey E. finds newfound respect for her changed man.
  • Mr. Todd enlists eternal sleaze-o Tom Sizemore (as Dougie’s corrupt insurance salesman coworker) to connive the brothers running Silver Mustang Casino (played by someone I should know who he is and he’s great in this, but…and James Belushi – who are dark comic gold with their trio of brain-dead bunny-like lady-friends) that Dougie was the one who screwed them out of a $30 million dollar claim (on top of also being the guy who screwed them on the slots jackpots, and on top of being the guy who just got their favorite hitman, Ike the Spike, nabbed by the cops).
  • Albert cozies up with similarly dry-humored mortician Constance Talbot (under the radar fan fave Jane Adams) – hooray for romance!
  • Gordon has a startling vision of Laura Palmer when Albert comes to his door and spills the beans about Diane being in text-touch with Bad Coop (damn, Diane!).
  • Tammy shows Gordon and Albert that one of the first things that appears to have come through the mysterious glass box in Manhattan was (Bad?) Coop!
  • We can all be sure now that coked-up murdering douche-bag extraordinaire Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) is Audrey’s son after he manhandles Grandma Horne and takes all her money (following his killing of the only person who could ID him as the man who ran over the kid). He also has loathsome crooked Deputy Chad (John Pirruccello) working for him (and getting Lucy all suspicious about his asshole-ery).
  • Becky (Amanda Seyfried) is living at Fat Trout Trailer Park with her abusive loser boyfriend (who Harry Dean Stanton is not a fan of…I mean is anyone – what a tool this kid is, and how unlikable is Caleb Landry Jones as an actor?)

The few haunting references to Laura seem to hint…at what? Her return? Real Coop’s return?

And surely Audrey is just around the corner while Richard continues this reign of terror?

Lynch has us in the remaining darkness (echoed in the Log Lady’s cryptic words and the lyrics sung by Ms. Del Rio) while the chess pieces assemble.

Until next week…

Commentary by David H. Schleicher

What say you, fellow Peakers? What do you think the Log Lady meant in Hour Ten?

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