Twin Peaks – The Return: Hour Fourteen

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NOTE TO READERS – These weekly posts are meant to recap what happened (SPOILERS AHEAD) and provide conversation starters for fans to comment and share theories. Do not read if you have not watched this week’s hour(s) yet.


“It’s all coming together now…” was what I couldn’t help but think during this shocking hour that made walking in the woods in the broad daylight scary as hell, and one bold woman who’s had enough takes a violent stand against the scum of the earth. The three major plotlines (Buckhorn, Vegas, and Twin Peaks) finally started to converge in cogent ways in the revelatory fourteenth hour.

In Buckhorn, Albert tells Tammy about the original Blue Rose case involving a woman (and her vanishing doppelgänger) named Lois Duffy that was investigated by Gordon Cole and Philip Jeffries.  When Albert reveals the inscription on the ring found inside Colonel Briggs’ stomach, Diane drops the bomb that Janey E. is her estranged sister!  Meanwhile, Gordon makes a phone call to the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department where Frank Truman gives him the scoop on Laura Palmer’s missing diary pages having been discovered and their hint at “Two Coopers.”  This spurns Gordon to share with Tammy, Albert and Diane his latest “Monica Bellucci” dream. I want to believe this part is autobiographical…that Lynch actually had a dream about Monica Bellucci. In the show (and maybe real life), Bellucci meets with Gordon/Lynch at a Parisian cafe and waxes in typical Lynchian fashion about dreams. “We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream,” Monica muses to Gordon, “But who is the dreamer?” She then triggers Gordon to remember that infamous “Philip Jeffries visits Philadelphia” scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me that also hinted, like Laura’s diary, at the existence of “Two Coopers.”

In Twin Peaks…Truman, Hawk, Bobby, and Andy arrest Deputy Chad (much to many fans’ cheers, I’m sure) for all his crooked activities and then head out to Jack Rabbit’s Palace where they proceed to find a naked Naido (the eyes-sewn-shut babbling wonder from Hour Three), and a vortex in the sky opens up precisely at 2:53 and that sucks Andy into the White Lodge where the Giant (who now calls himself “The Fireman”) shows Andy all kinds of images, leading Andy to take charge when the electricity settles and take Naido (who he claims is very important and some people want to kill…and who so many fans hope is Judy…but we’re not going to talk about Judy) back to the station and locks up in a cell for safety.

James (last seen riling up as many upset stomachs as pining hearts at The Roadhouse) is revealed to be a security guard at The Great Northern alongside the young British chap, Freddie, who tells birthday boy James a truly bizarre story (hilariously riddled with clichéd British colloquialisms) about the East London / Vortex and White Lodge origins of his glove (hint: it involves “The Fireman” and mysterious orders to meet his destiny in Twin Peaks). Just who, or what, is Freddie going to destroy with his magically strong Giant-endorsed gloved-hand?

At a seedy bar, Sarah Palmer gets harassed by a scumbag in a “Truck You” t-shirt, only to reveal to him a hand and knife behind her face (you don’t want to mess with this, man!) that proceeds to slice out part of his throat in horrifying (yet just) fashion. Will the bartender hold Sarah till the cops get there…and will there be a Sarah Palmer / Naido meet-up at the station?

Lastly, at The Roadhouse, in that eternally dramatic booth, two young ladies chat it up. One of them (who talks about getting high in her room alone) turns out to be the daughter of Tina (of the infamous “Charlie calls Tina but won’t tell Audrey what she said” story-line) and ultimately tells a weird tale of Billy (of “Has Anyone Seen Billy?”) showing up bloodied and out-of-it one night at her mom’s house (and was her uncle there, too?)

Phew, did I miss anything? Until next week…

Commentary by David H. Schleicher

What say you, fellow Peakers? What was your favorite revelation in Hour Fourteen?

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