A Love Song is a Whole Mood

Faye (Dale Dickey) bides here time waiting for someone at a desolate but beautiful campsite on a lake in Colorado catching crawfish, drinking beer, lighting firecrackers, and listening to the radio. She believes that old radio will always play the right song, just what you need, even if you don’t know you needed it, if you just turn that knob and give it a try.

Some movies are a whole mood. A Love Song is one of those movies. The lines on Dale Dickey’s face tell a whole story unto themselves. This lonely interlude is but one story in the collection of her life. That someone (Wes Studi) eventually comes along. They are old childhood friends who may or may not have shared a special moment, a special hint of “what could have been” back at the lake in tenth grade and haven’t seen each in close to forty years.

A Love Song is about love, but also loss, and waiting, and forks in the road, and wandering, and finding just the right tune on the radio.

I was down with the whole vibe writer/director Max Walker-Silverman was throwing down during the film’s lean 81 minutes, but then what really sealed the deal was a Valerie June song slip-sliding on by in the end. The perfect song at the perfect time playing on the radio.

A Love Song ends with one of the best lines to end any film in a long time.

I won’t spoil anything here, but, man, it’s gooood.

Review by D. H. Schleicher

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