The Top Ten Will Ferrell Movies

This December, the most anticipated “long-awaited” sequel in film history since The Godfather Part III, will finally be here.

Anchorman 2 - Joke Poster

In honor of Anchorman 2’s upcoming release, I invite my idiot and learned readers alike to name their favorite films from uber-funny and 21st-century absurdist satirical mastermind, Will Ferrell.

Here are The Spin’s Top Ten picks –

  1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) – Shake & Bake, Dear Lord Baby Jesus and Rickeeee Bobeee.  This was Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Sacha Baron Cohen at the height of their powers.
  2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) – Stay Classy.  Not much else to say here.
  3. The Other Guys (2010) – The scene where the Rock and Samuel L. Jackson leap from a building is still one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
  4. Step Brothers (2008) – Ferrell and Reilly again in all their monumentally moronic man-child glory.
  5. The Campaign (2012) – Political farce just got Farrelled.
  6. Stranger than Fiction (2006) – Underrated quasi-dramatic turn for Farrell…this was his Truman Show.
  7. Melinda & Melinda (2004) – Underrated contemporary Woody Allen piece has Farrell playing the Woody part surprisingly well.
  8. Zoolander (2001) – Though he’s technically not the star, Farrell’s villain was just one of many hilarious characters in this cult classic.
  9. Wedding Crashers (2005) – Again, not the star, but Farrell owns the most memorable laughs from this mega-hit.
  10. Blades of Glory (2007) – Nuff said.

All the rest are crap.  Now name your Ferrell picks in the comments field.

P.S. Who else is super stoked about IFC’s upcoming “mini-series event” – a Ferrell produced adaptation of Eric Jonrosh’s The Spoils of Babylon?


  1. I love the list Mr. Schleicher. The small roll he plays in Starsky and Hutch is great. You forgot Frank “The Tank” from Old School. Also gotta love him fighting a bear in Semi Pro as Jackie Moon. Great list!!!

    • The bear bit in Semi-Pro was probably the only funny part of that movie. I don’t even remember Starsky & Hutch – he was in that? Ha ha. I always thought Old School was overrated, though it deserves some credit as it launched his movie career (unless you consider Zoolander his first big film).

  2. So, I’m gonna guess you’re not an “Elf” fan? I’ll admit, at first, I tried to resist that movie, but it won me over. In the hands of anyone else, Buddy the Elf would’ve been insufferable, but Farrell made him endearing. He just has that ability in abundance. I also thought his cameos in the “Austin Powers” movies were pretty funny as well.

    Not sure if I should admit how many times I’ve caught “Night at the Roxbury” on Comedy Central late at night and watched it till the end. Okay, I won’t. Strike that. Forget I even said it.

  3. Elf is adorable … you have to watch it with your “child like” imagination turned ON! Really meant to be a family friendly movie … sentimental and sappy.

    • Riiiiiight, LMAO, which is exactly why I hate it. I like my comedies acerbic and absurdist. Incredibly stupid or incredibly smart, which a peppering of satire, spoofing or nonsense. Elf is just “meh” – something about holidays and family and belonging. Snore.

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